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  • Stepped hull power vessel
    10 Apr 2018

    The Wolfson Unit has been conducting towing tank tests on high performance vessels for over 40 years. For a given towing tank test programme, a suitable test facility is chosen from those available within Europe. The final choice depends upon the tank size, carriage speed, wave making facilities and availability. Facilities are hired to the Wolfson Unit with only a carriage driver.

  • Wolfson Unit SYRF North Sails
    23 Jun 2017

    The Wolfson Unit recently helped North Sails Design Services complete a project for the Sailing Yacht Research Foundation, modelling downwind sails.

  • J-Class at the StBarths Bucket 17
    06 Jun 2017

    The Wolfson Unit has supported the J-Class Association in the development, implementation and refinement of a J-Class specific rating rule which has been used at J-Class regattas since 2011, culminating at this year’s America’s Cup J-Class Regatta in Bermuda.

  • Power Prediction Release 3
    14 Sep 2016

    The Wolfson Unit is pleased to announce the launch of Release 3 of its Power Prediction program.

  • Tank testing of a yacht with DSS designed by Hugh Welbourn
    14 Sep 2016

    The Wolfson Unit has developed testing and analysis techniques appropriate for yachts fitted with vertical lifting boards and dynamic righting moment devices. These have been employed on various projects including yachts with DSS, OPEN60s, Line honours vessels such as “Comanche” and foil borne/assisted multihulls.

  • Wolfson Unit Office
    14 Sep 2016

    The Wolfson Unit has moved to new offices on the Boldrewood Innovation Campus. We benefit from the close proximity to our new towing tank, lab facilities and wind tunnels.

    Our new address is:

    Wolfson Unit MTIA, Building 185,

    Boldrewood Innovation Campus, Burgess Road,

  • Rio 2016 Wolfson Unit
    17 Aug 2016

    The Wolfson Unit congratulate the Great Britain Olympic Cycling Team on their success at the Rio Olympics, gaining 11 medals across the 10 track cycling disciplines, and 12 medals including the road racing events.

  • Free Sailing Yacht Tests
    08 Jul 2016

    In addition to its renowned calm water and seakeeping yacht testing services, the Wolfson Unit is offering a new unique experimental service to the Yacht Design industry.

  • Wolfson Unit MAIB JMT investigation
    07 Jul 2016

    The Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) has now published its report into the capsize and sinking of the fishing vessel JMT with the loss of two lives. The accident occurred off Rame Head, near Plymouth on 9th July 2015 whilst the 11.4 metre JMT was operating in benign weather conditions and in daylight.

  • Wolfson Unit SYRF CFD
    07 Jun 2016

    A new project partnership between North Sails and the Wolfson Unit has just been officially announced.