International Ship Stability Workshop

Matteo Scarponi was invited to present a paper, upon ‘Use of the Wolfson guidance for appraising the operational stability of small fishing vessels’, at the International Ship Stability Workshop held in Belgrade, from 5th to 7th June. The event brought together marine consultants, designers, representatives of classification societies and stability experts worldwide.

The Wolfson Unit has been involved with the subject of fishing vessel safety for many years. The Wolfson guidance formulated by Barry Deakin has been implemented in MCA’s Marine Guidance Note 427 ‘Stability guidance for fishing vessels under 15m’ and its wider use has been recommended by the Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) on several occasions, for example the investigations of the loss of F/V Heather Anne and F/V JMT.

Whilst the proposed Small F/V Code is re-introducing stability requirements for 12-15m fishing vessels joining the UK Register, the existing under 15m fleet and newly built craft under 12m registered length need not comply with any current or proposed stability standards. The evidence given in Matteo’s paper indicates that the Wolfson method provides good, simple guidance on the operational level of safety of small fishing boats.

We look forward to progressing this work, and to many more years of contributing towards a safer industry.

Download a PDF copy of the paper.

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Wolfson Unit at Stability Workshop 2017