HullScant Rudder

HullScant is the Wolfson Unit's Hull Scantlings program. It has been developed in collaboration with the International Sailing Federation and Royal Yachting Association.

HullScant Rudder is an additional module within HullScant, which calculates the structural properties of a vessel’s spade rudder, and compares it to the requirements of ISO 12215 Part 8. The module uses the boat definition from HullScant. HullScant Rudder is used to evaluate the spade rudder scantlings for motor and sailing vessels under 24 metres. User defined rudder particulars and geometry are assessed against the requirements set out in ISO standard 12215, Part 8.

The HullScant software is specifically designed for all builders and designers conducting a scantling assessment and will greatly simplify the process of design category assessment for pleasure craft under the Recreational Craft Directive.

HullScant ISO 12215-8

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Release notes: 

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