About Us

The Wolfson Unit was founded in 1967 to enable industry to benefit from the facilities, academic excellence and research activities at the University, predominantly through model testing and consultancy.

The Unit is comprised of full time professional engineers, we offer competitive consultancy rates and meet the tight schedules of commercial projects. Other University staff can be called upon when additional expertise from other disciplines will benefit a particular project.

This unique situation has enabled us to build a reputation for technical excellence and independence which is valued by our established clients and respected by organisations who invite our engineers to sit on advisory and regulatory committees. In recognition of our long standing service to the small craft industry, we’re proud to have been awarded The Royal Institution of Naval Architects 2012 Small Craft Group Medal.

We are best known for ship model testing, sailing yacht performance and ship design software, but our expertise extends to many other aspects of marine technology and industrial aerodynamics, details of which can be found on other pages here.