Our Facilities

Our location on the south coast of England gives us easy access to some world leading facilities. Using state of the art, research level equipment, we deliver exceptional results for our customers.

Towing tanks and ocean basins used to test our model ships and offshore structures.  

Car in wind tunnel
CFD Image of Yacht

Wolfson facilities

Model Basins

We conduct the majority of our model testing in model basins. Constrained towed tests are mainly completed at the Boldrewood towing tank to establish resistance curves and a vessel’s behaviour in head seas. Free running tests are conducted in the Ocean basin. Manoeuvring and behaviour in seas from all headings are tested here.    

While these are our main test facilities, we are not limited to them. We have conducted tests in tanks all over the world and have even occasionally tested on open water.

Boldrewood towing tank
  • 138m x 6m x 3.5m
  • 10 m/s carriage speed
  • 12 element wavemaker
QinetiQ Ocean basin
  • 122m x 61m x 5.5m
  • Qualisys Motion Capture System
  • 122 element wavemaker

Wolfson facilities

CFD Capabilities

The Wolfson Unit conduct most computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis using the University of Southampton’s latest supercomputer, Iridis 5. This facilitates throughput of large matrices of simulations and the ability to solve large scale problems.

Iridis 5 specifications

  • 20,000 processor cores providing 1,305 TFlops peak 
  • currently ~2.2 PB of usable disk space  
  • At least 4.8GB of memory per processor core, typical jobs running on 80 processors can thus use 384GB RAM.  
  • Infiniband network throughout  

Supercomputer access  

As well as using the Iridis computational resource for undertaking our own consultancy services, we have the capability of providing a portal to the supercomputer for clients to run their own simulations.  

Other facilities  

Wolfson Unit staff have experience of a wide range of computer clusters, using clients’ own systems , AWS (Amazon Web Services) and national facilities such as the Hartree Centre.  

CFD Image of Yacht