Our Marine Consultancy Services

Our Wolfson Unit engineers have extensive expertise in various facets of naval architecture and marine engineering. The best solutions often emerge from a blend of services, be it leveraging our commercial software, conducting tests, customising existing software, or tapping into other specialised University services. Explore some of our additional consultancy offerings below.



The Wolfson Unit recognised that the software developed in-house had commercial benefits for our clients, so it has undergone extensive testing and development to ensure it is robust for our clients.

We are able to offer clients complete analysis which has the benefit of an expert user, combined with quick results..

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Expert Witness

Expert Witness

We act as expert witness for insurers, accident investigation bodies, governing bodies and other stakeholders applying our expertise in the following areas:

  • Vessel Stability.
  • Aero and hydro vibration issues.
  • Sailing yacht failure.
  • Vessel seakeeping and manoeuvring.
Stability Booklets and Inclining Experiments

Stability Booklets and Inclining Experiments

Stability investigations, and preparation of stability information booklets for national authority approval, are tasks with which the Unit has considerable experience. Engineers are available to conduct inclining experiments at short notice, and supply stability booklets to the approval of the appropriate authority.

Hull Lines Measurement and Lines Generation

Hull Lines Measurement and Lines Generation

The Wolfson Unit offers a hull surface measurement service for existing vessels. The output from the exercise is a hull lines plan and a 3D hull surface definition. These outputs can then be used for hydrostatics calculations and general design work. 

A laser scanning method is used to generate a 3D computer model of the vessel. The scanning is completed by a Wolfson Unit Naval Architect who will then complete the lines generation into a fair and accurate 3D lines plan. The 3D model can then be imported directly into the Wolfson Unit’s stability software – HST – or any other recognised computer aided design (CAD) or naval architectural software. 

Noise and Vibration

Noise and Vibration

In collaboration with the world-renowned Institute of Sound and Vibration Research, the Wolfson Unit offers a comprehensive marine noise and vibration control service. Whether solving a particular issue with an existing vessel, or ensuring that a new build is refined before construction commences, the Unit is able to supply the appropriate measurement and analysis know how. Services provided include:

  • Noise and vibration surveys 
  • Noise and vibration source identification 
  • Design reviews 
  • Torsional measurement 
  • Foot impact, transmission loss and privacy measurement 
  • Propeller selection advice 
  • Exhaust system layout advice. 
Structural Evaluation and Materials Testing

Structural Evaluation and Materials Testing

The variety of services offered includes failure investigations, design support, and material characterisation tests. We have access to the existing testing and computational facilities at the University of Southampton but also work in collaboration with other institutes when required.  

The Unit engages in industrial research projects as part of its consultancy services. It actively contributes to the regulation of vessel structural assessment through its Hullscant software and collaboration with notified bodies and national governing bodies.

Testing facilities at the University of Southampton can be used for a wide variety of material and structural testing applications. Material characterisation in tension, compression, flexure and shear are performed with conventional testing machines. Current capabilities at the University also include environmental control (temperature, vacuum, humidity, aqueous environment), burn-off testing, ultrasonic scanning, strain measurement by laser shearography, and crack measurement. 

Related Services

  • Vessel Safety

    Vessel Safety

    Stability assessments, model testing and research, accident investigation, safety guidance and the Wolfson method.

  • Full Scale Trials and Instrumentation

    Full Scale Trials and Instrumentation

    Measurements of vessel while completing sea trials. 6 axis motions, forces, moments, accelerations, temperatures, pressures, and engine data.

  • Model Basin and Towing Tank Testing

    Model Basin and Towing Tank Testing

    Traditional towing tank experiments, flow visualisation and analysis, wake surveys as well as bespoke tests for the offshore and renewables sector.