Full Scale Trials

The Wolfson Unit has extensive experience in conducting trials on full scale craft and aero/hydrodynamic systems. The services we offer are:

  • Formulation of a suitable test program
  • Measurement of important parameters (speed, heading, pressures etc)
  • Conduct the trials in line with the agreed test program
  • Analysis of the data with a formal report

Hovercraft trials for Griffon Hoverwork


Pressure transducer placement on a vehicle undertray

Areas of Expertise

Work has been undertaken for clients operating in many different fields, including:

  • High performance craft, patrol boats, rescue craft, sailing yachts.
  • Vehicle wading, hovercraft


  • 6 axis body motions
  • Accelerations
  • Forces
  • Pressures
  • Temperatures
  • Engine data

Trials on rib ‘Milly’ - MAIB

Motion monitoring ayatem on ‘Discovery’

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