Designed for engineers and scientists who want to plot data with precision, quality and to scale.
GoPlot is a graph plotting program to produce high quality data plots based on the concept of drawing axes and data on scaled squared graph paper. Sets of axes can be placed on the paper and data is then plotted on the axes as appropriate. Text, shapes, lines, pictures and data point symbols can be added. The data may be fitted with a variety of mathematical curves.

A variety of graph types and formats are available, including both cartesian and polar style plots. Having created the graph on the screen, it may be output to a printer, file or exported as an Enhanced Metafile Format (.emf), to the Windows clipboard or file.


1. I´m trying to look at a plot of the active data, but the green markers identifying the active data are obscuring the plot, even if there are no symbols associated with the data. How do I remove these green markers ?

The markers are specified to be 1mm bigger than that specified for the symbols (even if the type of symbol is specified to be ‘none’). Therefore, set the symbol size to -1 and the symbol line width to 1 in the ‘Series Properties’ dialog box and the green markers are reduced to a barely visible series of dots. Equally, a different value in the symbol size will change the green markers accordingly.

Release notes: 

Release changes are cumulative.

Release Notes for GoPlot Version: 16.09.22


    • Added option for using screen resolution instead of printer resolution to allow 1:1 import into Word etc (overcoming bug in Microsoft that fails to read resolution of file)
    • Moved stored information from registry to user AppData for better compatibility with windows 10 & 11
    • Added option for log scaling
    • Removed a bug in file write that could make files larger than they needed to be

    Release Notes for GoPlot Version:

    • Compliant with Windows 10 up to and including version 1703.

    Release Notes for GoPlot Version: 21.05.12

    • Added in options for B splines as well as existing C splines. B spline curves can be made from either the data points or a set of user defined points.

    Release Notes for GoPlot Version: 20.04.10

    • Running the program under a network dongle caused errors. This has now been fixed.

    Release Notes for GoPlot Version: 10.11.08

    • Added in a standard plotting for Bonjean curve files from HST.
    • Removed bug for auto-updating 'Mirrored' data (the mirrored data was not always being updated).
    • Removed bug for deleting imported files ('index out of bounds' error).

    Release Notes for GoPlot Version: 10.10.08

    • Compliance with dual monitor setup.
    • Option for ‘mirrored’ datasets, allowing the same data to be used with different datasets as the X value. Any changes to the original dataset will be copied in the ‘mirrored’ dataset.

    Release Notes for GoPlot Version: 01.04.08

    • X and Y clipping lines for polar plots were causing problems. This has now been fixed.

    Release Notes for GoPlot Version: 18.07.07

    • Moving plot layouts on one page will also move the data series plot reference on another page. Causing the wrong data to be plotted. This has now been fixed.
    • GoPlot has extended formatting for superscript, subscript and greek letter symbols. Please see Help, Process Description, Extended Text Formatting.
    • When copying a page in GoPlot it now will give the option to create a copy of the data associated with that page, rather than the current data set referencing the new page.
    • Added more symbol types to the series.
    • There is now the facility to copy multiple pages into the clipboard from GoPlot as follows: Activate the working Microsoft Office Document. Activate the office clipboard bar using Edit, Office Clipboard menu item in Word/Excel/Powerpoint. Go to GoPlot and select Edit, Copy All Pages to the Clipboard. Now in the Office Clipboard there will be the individual plot pages listed. They can be pasted individually or there is a paste all button available.