LyDams (Large Yacht Data Acquisition, Monitoring and Storage) is a real time failure prevention software for sailing and motor yachts.The program acquires, monitors, analyses, stores and retrieves data obtained from onboard sensors. Examples are rig loads, hull and deck strain, vessel motions, vibrations and engine data.

LyDams provides bridge personnel a continuous feedback on the state of the vessel, in the form of readouts and damage status for each onboard sensor. Warnings and alarms are promulgated on the system according to damage models specific to individual sensors. The onboard data can be analysed in real time to yield statistical, comparative and exceedance results.

The LyDams program, which has been supplied to Baltic Yachts together with a set of hull and deck strain sensors, has been commissioned on the 220ft S/Y 'Hetairos'.

from £3075.00
S/Y Hetairos


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