How to order

  • Purchase via the Wolfson Unit Online Store.
  • Confirmation of payment is automatically emailed to you.
  • Hardware lock (USB dongle) and installation instructions are couriered to you.
  • The latest version of the software and release notes can be downloaded from the customer download area.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


The software manuals and help sections should be enough to master the software but to help with some more complex processes there are some frequently asked questions listed below:

Will the program calculate motions at zero speed?

Yes, the program will calculate ship motions at zero speed and is appropriate for speeds up to a Froude number of 0.3.

Will the programme calculate results if my vessel has a length / beam or a length / draught ratio less than 5 ?

No,  if the vessel’s ratio is below, but close to 5 then extending the vessel with a section of low area will allow the program to run, but this must be used with great care.

Running the Sustained Speed calculation results in a ‘Sustained Speed Error’ pop-up. No sustained speed results are available in the report.

This occurs when the set acceleration exceeds 9.81 m/sĀ². As Ship Motions is based on linear theory, calculating accelerations in excess of 1g is beyond its capability and will cause an error. Reduce the acceleration to 9.81 m/sĀ² or less.