Onboard monitoring on 67m Hetairos ketch

The Wolfson Unit MTIA has recently commissioned a bespoke load monitoring system to Baltic Yachts. The system has been fitted onboard the 67m Hetairos ketch, ex Panamax project, which is now undergoing sea trials.

The onboard system delivered by the Wolfson Unit is based on the CANbus technology and includes eight purpose-built LBSS (Long Base Strain Sensors) designed by former Unit engineer Peter Weynberg and Dr. Paolo Manganelli of Gurit, and the LyDams software (Large Yacht Data Acquisition, Monitoring and Storage), conceived and developed by Matteo Scarponi of the Wolfson Unit.

LyDams provides real time information on the vessel’s state, in the form of sensor readouts, statistical information, warnings and alarms. The program has built-in damage models which take into account the loading history for each sensor.

The LyDams version developed for Hetairos collects a large quantity of onboard data, including:

  • hull and deck strain data from the LBSS;
  • load data from load pins fitted to the rigging and winches;
  • torque data from the foresails’ furlers;
  • pressure data from hydraulic cylinders fitted to the runners.

Martin Flink of Flink Engineering, responsible for all electrical systems and installations onboard Hetairos, has been working in close connection with Matteo and Peter throughout the project. Martin notes: ‘In a project of this magnitude there are a lot of last minute changes. I am very impressed by the flexibility of the Wolfson Unit team. It’s a great feeling working with people who share the same heartfelt love for the art of sailing’.

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Photo credit: Baltic Yachts

LyDams on S/Y Hetairos