Stability and Loading Guidance for Fishermen

Fishing continues to be one of the most hazardous occupations in most countries, and the UK is no exception. After many years of attempting to convince fishermen of the value of the information in the stability booklet, the MCA recognised that a much simpler and more useful format was required. Two projects were undertaken concurrently, one to address the larger vessels which are required to have a full stability assessment, and the other to consider the smaller vessels with no stability data.

A single page Stability Notice was developed, to present recommendations for the maximum load, maximum lift, or minimum freeboard in relation to the vessel size and seastate. In each case the work was conducted in 2 phases, the first to review the UK fleet and a range of potential methods, and the second to develop an effective method.

  • Simplified Presentation of FV Stability Information, Phase I. (PDF, 538KB)
  • Simplified Presentation of FV Stability Information for Vessels 12m Registered Length and Over, Phase II. (PDF, 700KB)
  • Loading Guidance for FVs Less than 12m Registered Length, Phase I. (PDF, 2.38MB)
  • Loading Guidance for FVs Less than 12m Registered Length, Phase II. (PDF, 2.01MB)

Download our free Stability Notice and Freeboard calculator (Excel spreadsheet, 280KB)

Prior to these projects, a study of beam trawler stability was conducted for the MCA. It addressed the heeling moments resulting from gear handling and their effects on compliance with minimum criteria. Recommendations were made for alternative methods of assessment and safety guidance. (PDF, 8.37MB)