WUMTIA joins E-Lass network

The Wolfson Unit takes part in the European network E-Lass which aims to promote the application of composite materials in the maritime industry, enable the...
Composite materials E-Lass Wolfson Unit

CFD for UK's Met Office

The Wolfson Unit have recently conducted CFD consultancy work for the Met Office, simulating the flow around a weather balloon launch shed. Detached eddy...
Computational Fluid Dynamics Detached Eddy Simulation

New ship model basin under construction

These are exciting times for the Wolfson Unit and all those at the University of Southampton with an interest in marine technology. The new towing tank...
New ship model basin

46m hull optimisation - Towing tank and CFD

The Wolfson Unit have recently conducted a hull optimisation for a 46m Burger Boat displacement motor yacht, the inital hull design was provided by the client...

Marine Current Turbines (MCT) model tests

The Wolfson Unit has recently conducted tests for Marine Current Turbines (MCT) to determine the wave and current loading on the 'Seagen 2MW' turbine....
Wolfson Unit MTIA Marine Current Turbines Renewables

Welcome to the Wolfson Unit MTIA

The Wolfson Unit offers model testing, CFD, consultancy and software services to a worldwide customer base in the fields of Naval Architecture, Industrial Aerodynamics and Marine Engineering.

We conduct tests in model basins, towing tanks and wind tunnels as well as full scale trials. We also offer CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics), FEA (Finite Element Analysis) and Marine Design Software.