New Superyacht Handicap System

The Wolfson Unit has been involved in the development of the new Superyacht handicap system (ORCsy) which was used successfully at the recent Loro Piana...
Wolfson Unit MTIA

Free Surface CFD Vs. Scale Model Testing

There are some common misconceptions regarding which tool is most appropriate to answer the questions encountered in the design process. The state of the art...
Free Surface CFD Vs. Scale Model Testing

Wolfson Unit presence at 'Engineer Your Future'

The Wolfson Unit has been chosen as one of three exhibitors to showcase their expertise in a four year exhibition held at the Science Museum in London called...
Wolfson Unit Engineer Your Future

Progress on our new towing tank

Excitement is building at the University of Southampton as the new 138 metre ship model basin nears the end of the construction phase. The building structural...
Progress on new towing tank

WUMTIA joins E-Lass network

The Wolfson Unit takes part in the European network E-Lass which aims to promote the application of composite materials in the maritime industry, enable the...
Composite materials E-Lass Wolfson Unit

Welcome to the Wolfson Unit MTIA

The Wolfson Unit offers model testing, CFD, consultancy and software services to a worldwide customer base in the fields of Naval Architecture, Industrial Aerodynamics and Marine Engineering.

We conduct tests in model basins, towing tanks and wind tunnels as well as full scale trials. We also offer CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics), FEA (Finite Element Analysis) and Marine Design Software.