Power Prediction Program

The Power Prediction Program calculates the powering requirements of vessels covering a large range of hull forms from merchant ships to planing vessels, using a variety of analytical and regression methods.
The program can calculate the effect of appendages and the effect of changes in hull form parameters. In addition to calculating the resistance and EHP, the program also calculates the propulsive coefficients for each speed. The Power Prediction Program offers standard calculation methods e.g. SSPA and Savitsky, and four Wolfson Unit series:

  • Wolfson Unit Round Bilge,
  • Wolfson Unit Catamaran Craft,
  • Wolfson Unit High Speed Craft,
  • Wolfson Unit Round Bilge Megayacht.

The Wolfson Unit series were obtained by regressing trim-optimized data obtained by the Wolfson Unit over 30+years of towing tank testing.

Note: Customers with Power Prediction Program Release 2 can upgrade to Release 3 for £1,110. For a list of new features, please see the PP3 launch letter. Older versions of the program remain on the Customer Download Area as a free download to users of previous versions.

Power Prediction Splash Dialog

1. When using the Wolfson Catamaran model, is Base Data for the entire vessel or one demi-hull ? The base data is for one demi-hull, you can check your input by placing the cursor over the relevant input box and its description is displayed in the lower left corner of the program page.

2. How do I know exactly what to input into the entry fields ? Hover the mouse pointer over the entry field and details of the required input will appear at the bottom left hand corner of the program window.

3. How does the input propeller shaft angle in the Wolfson Unit methods (11, 12, 13, 14) affect the prediction of EHP/Resistance ? It doesn’t. The only influence that the shaft angle will have is in the prediction of propeller coefficients for use in propeller design calculations. If you want to make the program run and aren’t interested in the propeller coefficients then just enter a value between 7 and 14 degrees.

Release notes: 

Release changes are cumulative.

Release Notes for PPP Release 3, Version:

  • Bespoke version for Wolfson software customer.
  • Contains proprietary data and customer specific regression.

Release Notes for PPP Release 3, Version:

  • Compliant with Windows 10 up to and including version 1703.

Release Notes for PPP Release 3, Version:

  • For some Windows regional settings the decimal separator caused a 'Floating point error'. This has now been fixed.

Release Notes for PPP Release 3, Version:

  • New calculation method 'Wolfson Round Bilge Megayacht'
  • Ranges and envelops checking, if appropriate
  • Body plan library
  • Improved help system
  • Windows 10 compliance.

Release Notes for PPP Release 2, Version: 12.05.10

  • Improved regressions for calculation methods no.12 and no.14
  • Four decimal places in the ‘Resistance’ and ‘EHP’ columns in the results page.

Release Notes for PPP Release 2, Version: 22.06.09

  • The program can now run on a client machine with a single license dongle for other Wolfson software, provided that one license for Power Prediction is available on the license server.
  • A machine with a single license dongle for Power Prediction can now be connected to a license server with a network dongle for other Wolfson software.
  • Dongle-related error messages have been improved.

Release Notes for PPP Release 2, Version: 15.01.09

  • New calculation method: Wolfson Unit Catamaran Craft.
  • New calculation method: Wolfson Unit High Speed Chine Craft.
  • Improved report content.
  • Improved transfer of data to the Propeller Design Program.
  • Automatic update alert.
  • Supports comma decimal separator.